Smartflower Solar

Industry: Environmental | Green Energy


Green Mole is the specialist energy efficiency division of Mole Group Utilities Ltd., a drilling, moling and environmental engineering company. They are committed to creating a sustainable domestic environment and improving infrastructure for a cleaner way of life in homes and businesses. Encouraging a reliance on renewable forms of energy generation, Green Mole help other companies demonstrate that sustainability matters to them.

We were commissioned by Green Mole to build a brochure website for Smarflower, “the world’s first all-in-one solar system”.


As a Smartflower dealer and installation partner, Green Mole already had a dedicated Smartflower page on their own website. But when Smartflower updated their own brand and visuals, there came an opportunity for Green Mole to create a standalone website that showcased the beauty, elegance and benefits of their partner’s product.

Green Mole approached HeyWP to build a site that matched the look and feel of other websites across the Smartflower network.


We worked closely with Green Mole to create a slick, responsive website aimed at both commercial and domestic markets. It was important to ensure that the site we created matched the aesthetic of the Smartflower network’s other websites. This meant dipping into a wealth of stunning visuals created by Smartflower and making sure the tone and language used across the site held true to the Smartflower brand.

We handed over a beautiful, mobile-responsive website to Green Mole who in turn, entrusted us to look after it; meaning they’ll never have to worry about site updates or downtime, so they can focus on what they do best: selling and installing Smartflower’s across the UK.

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